Peer Group Advantage

So much has been talked about the value of Executive Coaching and I’ll absolutely confirm that it’s indicative of a growth mindset for all the CEO’s and business leaders I work with, and instrumental in developing leadership capability and growing the business. But a few years ago it occurred to me that 1:1 coaching has its limitations. For example, the questions I ask my clients, to hold the mirror up to them and challenge their thinking, can be limited by the extent of my knowledge, thinking and expertise. So, imagine being challenged and held accountable not just by one person but by a group of peers, other CEO’s and business leaders, like yourself, who have experienced and learnt from many of the issues you’re going through. Who you can test your thinking on, and who have absolutely no vested interest in the advice they’re giving you. Imagine being on a constant learning journey, where on a monthly basis you’re hearing from expert speakers and always learning something new and relevant to your business. And over and above that you get coaching too! That’s why almost 5 years ago now I joined Vistage as a Chair in Scotland, built several Groups of high performing leaders and currently enjoy working with over 35 amazing people, all hand-picked by myself to add value to the experience of each and every one of the members round the table. Its been an amazing journey for me, and I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to do this for a living. I still see great value in 1:1 coaching, but for busy CEO’s, Vistage is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience outstanding leadership. Have a look at the video to see what Vistage is all about.