What is Executive Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process for supporting and enabling an individual to maximise their potential and address issues and challenges in the workplace. The role of the coach is as a facilitator, a catalyst providing a structure to support and to challenge the individual to achieve the best results.

We work with leaders and senior managers to build on their strengths as well as to realise their potential. This is not about a ‘quick fix’. The coaching relationship is a challenging one – but ultimately it can be very rewarding for both parties.

The impact of coaching is long-lasting as it is centred on what is important to you, the client, i.e., on those things that are going to make the biggest difference to you and to your performance in your role. Evidence shows that through coaching, clients tackle bigger challenges than before, with more confidence and skill; and achieve better results for themselves and their organisation as a result.

“Laura is a very professional individual with a remarkable track record in the corporate sector. She is a highly organised, personable and approachable person with a generous nature. Laura’s executive coaching helped me to focus my abilities and aspirations – giving me confidence to secure employment with a progressive organisation which offers career progression both now and long-term”

Alison Taylor, Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

Our highly experienced coaches provide the structure and help to create an environment in which the individual can reflect on their own learning and development. We see the role of the coach as creating a space within which the person being coached can talk about what is on their mind, share insights, come up with alternatives and plan the next steps. The coach is a facilitator of change from within the individual.  

“Laura Gordon has a rare combination of honesty and empathy that makes her unique among coaches. I attribute much of my recent success, personal and professional development to my connection to Laura.”

Mark Westbrooke, Director, Acting Coach Scotland

Why invest in coaching for your team?

The culture within your organisation dictates your overall performance. In order to remain competitive, companies need to ensure their employees possess the skills necessary to excel at their jobs and satisfy customer demands. But in order to work effectively and productively you need a happy and motivated workforce who feel valued and respected. People with a confident, supported and happy approach do business better!

At Corporate Connections International we believe passionately in the power of individuals to make a difference.

We can provide you with skill building systems that improve employee performance and impact your bottom line whether you are a multi-national company or a start-up entrepreneur, and across sectors and industries from sales and retail, hospitality to education, finance and professional services. With the right support your team will drive your business to achieve maximum performance and deliver the best results.

Our systems and training will help your company to:

  • Identify and build critical employee skills and abilities to give you a strong and effective team of people around you;
  • Enable and empower your people to contribute new ideas to help you innovate and grow;
  • Improve organisational performance;
  • Manage challenging team members, decreasing absences and increasing productivity
  • Make the most of your employee learning and development budget in a way that is meaningful and cost effective for the business.

Services include:

  • Executive coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams;
  • Mentoring programme development;
  • Networking, Communication and Presentation skills;
  • Career development;
  • Board readiness skills;
  • Relationship development and management.

Courses can be tailored to your requirements from one-to-one sessions to seminars, workshops and events for teams and groups of any size.

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