Our approach is innovative, fresh and inspired but most importantly relationship driven – we regard ourselves as your partner, geared to provide positive and measurable growth at every stage.

Image by Guy Hinks.Relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding, and the importance of building strong relationships, with existing and new clients cannot be under-stated.

Competition is fierce and as we know, in business “people buy people”. So understanding your clients or customers  as individuals and just as importantly being understood is crucial. Communicating effectively and maintaining and developing that relationship is paramount to long term sustainability and success.

We are experts at facilitating connections – linking individuals and businesses with other companies, organisations or associations where it is of mutual benefit. We’ll give you more than traditional business development strategies and campaigns – we will focus on your position in the marketplace, your company profile and brand positioning and work with you to facilitate long term alliances and collaborations that broaden your reach and enhance your profile.

“Laura is just fantastic at bringing people together to their mutual benefit. So if you have an idea you want to pursue or a person you want to connect with then Laura is the ideal person to help you”    

David Watt, Executive Director, Institute of Directors Scotland


Services include:

  • Developing strategic communications and stakeholder management programmes
  • Creating business alliances and strategic collaborations with key people
  • Establishing and building strong and effective networks
  • Corporate Event Management and Facilitation

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