At Corporate Connections International we recognise the value of strong communication and inter-personal skills in effective leadership and management.

We don’t believe that one size fits all so we customise our training courses to your organisational requirements.

We will first liaise with you to discuss these requirements in detail, always with measurable results in mind, and can interview members of the team to gauge levels of awareness and experience. We will then design and develop the ideal course for your business, ensuring we remain focused on your specific goals.

We don’t believe in just talking at you either. Our training workshops are participative and experiential, and you and your team will leave with a newly acquired set of skills to enhance performance throughout their careers. And of course result in positive impact on your bottom line.

Corporate Connections International courses include:

Communication Skills for Leaders – From one to one conversations with prospective new clients to managing your team. Every conversation has a positive or a negative outcome. Learn how to get the results you want from your conversations.

Networking with Impact – You only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Learn how to excel at networking, using a range of skills and techniques for creating a positive and lasting impression.

Confident Leadership – Confidence is a simply a mindset, and the most confident leaders have a strong set of skills and strategies they use to engender trust and credibility. Learn how you too can be a confident manager and leader, using powerful tools and techniques in work and beyond.

Reputation Management – Companies spend years building a reputation so protecting your brand or product is critical. But how staff represent the business is critical and yet many companies forget to train their people on how to best represent them. Learn how your people can be your best brand ambassadors and maintain your strong company brand internally and eternally.

Personal Branding – Everyone has a personal brand but how effective is it? Do you create a positive first impression? Do you stand out in the crowd? And how do you differentiate  yourself from your competitors? Learn how to develop and maintain a strong personal brand, and create impact wherever you go.

Influencing Skills – One of the most powerful skills in life is being able to communicate your position effectively and influence others. Learn how to understand what drives others and be persuasive in your presence and conversations.

Executive Impact – Are you ever intimidated in large meetings? Do you ever find yourself biting your lip too scared to “make a fool of yourself” by venturing an opinion. Making an impact isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it. Learn essential boardroom skills and techniques which enhance your boardroom presence and increase your visibility and impact.

Presentation Skills – You can have the best presentation prepared, and know your subject inside out, but does the thought of delivery send you into a panic? Fear no more – we can teach you skills to conquer these negative feelings and deliver a confident and powerful presentation, communicating your message and creating lasting impact on your audience.

“Laura is an extraordinary professional – talented, engaging and on top of her game. She is an expert consultant and trainer on Executive Skills, Personal Branding and Effective Communications, and adds value to every project she touches.”

Suzanne Douglas, Managing Director, Style Capital USA

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