Success with Confidence and Style

Its always going to be a great night when you mix ladies with fashion, fizz and good chat. Add on an interactive session on creating success and impact with confidence and style and you have a highly charged event with some great conversations and some fab new season purchases.


The great thing about a Glasgow audience is they’re certainly not shy. So an interactive workshop will always be great fun. But amazingly, we Scots don’t like to put our heads above the parapet that much, blow our own trumpets, stand out in a crowd. Why is that? Is it the Tall Poppy syndrome, often called the Scots’ crises of confidence? We’re taught from an early age not to show off, to hold back and show humility. Now, I’m not advocating we suddenly transform as a nation and become pushy and arrogant, but being able to identify our strengths and be proud of them is the key to confidence and impact. A good dose of self esteem and self awareness is useful, as long as we stay on the good side of arrogance, and holding your head high and being proud is important for visibility and impact in the workplace.

Understanding how you’re perceived by others and how effective your personal brand is, is key – and this is showcased through appearance, behaviour and communication. Being “suited and booted”, looking well dressed and well groomed – knowing we present a good picture, can help our confidence and self esteem, which is reflected in our actions and behaviours.

And so our ladies at Hobbs continued the evening with some choice purchases, some great conversation and networking, and left feeling on top of the world.

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